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“More guests mean more money in the house for my education”

Aayush Chaudhary, 9, interacting with Caritas Communication team in Birendranagar-9, Surkhets. His mother, Mina Chaudhary is a member of Tharu Community Organic Homestay of Birendranagar-9, Surkhet. “I am the only man in my family”, he says. It may sound odd to hear the aforementioned phrase from a young boy like him,

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“Strengthening Family and Community Bond with Homestay Project”

Ms. Tara Chaudhary, 52 grew up in a remote village of Birendranagar-9, Surkhet, with no major roads, electricity or television. “All my childhood, I never stepped in school leave alone dreaming of acquiring education”, she says. Therefore she was determined to educate her four children at any cost but despite husband’s support, their 8 Katha land was neither enough to address family needs nor her dream of educating children. Because as any mother, her first priority was to feed the family than educating the children.

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“Making a difference with IPM, despite water and harsh climatic condition”

Mr. Sher Bhadur Dura, 57 is a member of Homestay project in Turlungkot, Lamjung. He is unable to say how much land he has, but can clearly remember thinking it was not enough to support his family of 7 (3 f and 4 m). Therefore despite having land, he became a laborer to support his family moreover to educate his children. Working as a laborer was never easy but he had no option because losing a job would risk everything as he was the only bread winner for his wife and 5 little children.

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Community Partners from Turlunkot Homestay Shares their Experiences

A short video documentary of Turlunkot Homestay in #Lamjung, where we can see our community partners sharing their experiences and #storiesofchange after getting support to establish homestay business for livelihood enhancement opportunity

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Followed up on the participants who took Banana Training

My name is Yashoda Chaudhary, 37 years of age from Kailari village municipality ward no. 7, Chhoti Ratanpur, Kailali. I became share member of Shree Samiksha Women Development Multipurpose Cooperative on December 3, 2014 and am saving Rs. 50 monthly since.

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