People in emergency and humanitarian crises are empowered to cope and recover.

Children and youth empowerment approach are focused on empowering children and youth from conflict affected, marginalized and disadvantaged families to live better lives with dignity and peace. It aims to protect and promote their rights through advocacy and awareness programs at district and local levels.

Promoting Child Protection Policy Promoting child protection is one of the key objectives of Caritas Nepal, and YARCN Jajarkot, implementing knowledge about Child Protection. After the formation of protection committees in schools, new

procedures and mechanisms have been established for teachers, students and visitors. For example, now parents cannot enter the premises during school time unnecessarily; visitors must register and receive a gate pass to enter the school; strangers cannot enter the school premises without registration and the permission of the teachers and students. Visitors must record their details and wear an ID card and photographs cannot be taken without consent. It targets the general public and concerned organizations associated with Child Clubs, Youth Clubs, Schools, local government agencies and other stakeholders by organizing various meetings and trainings. The activities happen in different areas in close coordination with School Management Committees, teachers and guardian organizations.