Improve livelihoods,diversity income portfolio and employment opportunities targeting to stallholder's farmers, returnees special focus to people with disabilities, women and other vulnerable people.

Banana Farming and Piggery with Digital Agro-advisory System Project- BPP

Funding Organization: Caritas Australia

Project location: Gulariya Municipality-1 and Rajapur Municipality-6 of Bardiya District, Lumbina Province.

Project Duration: June, 2021 to June, 2022

Project Background: Caritas Nepal (CN) and Lutheran World Federation (LWF) have decades of experience in sustainable agriculture, Integrated Pest Management/Farmer Field School (IPM/FFS) and enterprise promotion which adds value to the proposed initiative and contributes to business plan development through cooperatives. The inadequate skills and knowledge in business plan development of Smallholder Farmers (SHFs) limit satisfactory outputs or optimum returns from their businesses. CN/LWF have been empowering SHFs in promoting enterprises in small-scale piggery and banana farming in Gulariya and Rajanpur. CN has a good experience in project management including coordination and collaboration with government, cooperatives, private sector, and other stakeholders to expand business opportunities. CN also has expertise in livelihoods promotion, through an IPM approach, developing and promoting local enterprises through cooperatives and youth networks.

LWF has an extensive experience and expertise on climate and disaster resilient sustainable livelihoods, emergency response, disaster risk reduction and evidence-based advocacy on human rights at local to global levels. LWF implements projects with a strong focus on disability, Gender & Social Inclusion (GESI) including leveraging Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) from the private sector to ensure project benefits reach target communities. LWF has decades of experience in developing monitoring and evaluation systems for various related projects. These two organisations have been working closely as consortium members for the Promotion of Women’s Empowerment and Rights Targeting Rural Women (POWER) project and support effective project implementation at the community level.

GeoKrishi has already established e-Chautari, a digital knowledge platform within cooperatives to provide Agro-advisory services access to project participants. GeoKrishi has an experienced technical team in this sector and has the capacity to develop facilitators to operate e-Chautari and integrate digital Agro-advisory service for this project.




Consortium Member Organisations (CMOs) will play an active role in promoting the business of piggery and banana farming by strengthening marketing and value chain in close coordination with local government, private sector, value chain and market actors such as banana and pig producers outside of project participants, consumers, retailers, and wholesalers.

CN and LWF have been working and promoting the business of banana farming and piggery on a small business scale through their own local cooperatives as partners in targeted locations. Through this project, the two organizations will include the digital Agro-advisory services system managed by GeoKrishi to reach more communities and engage in larger scale production with secure value chain promotion.

BPP developed as a result of aligning with Caritas Australia’s funding strategy and Caritas Nepal’s Strategic Plan for 2017-2021 streamlining programs that support resilient communities to overcome poverty and invest in the process of their own development to secure sustainable livelihoods and gain economic prosperity, achieve dignified social well-being and realize their basic human rights.

BPP contributes to achieve Strategic objectives no.16, 25 & 27 of agriculture and livestock promotion strategies of Gulariya Municipality for the period 2077/2078.

BPP will contribute government's long term vision of 'Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’ (Prosperous- Accessible modern infrastructure and intensive connectivity, Development and full utilization of human capital potentials, High and sustainable production and productivity, High and equitable national income. Happiness- Well-being and decent life, Healthy and balanced environment, Good governance, Comprehensive democracy, National unity, security, and dignity) and long term National Strategy Nos 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7).

The project contributes in achieving SDG Goal no 1 to End poverty in all its forms everywhere and no 2: End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.



Overall Objective of BPP

To improve livelihoods, strengthen the income portfolio and marketing opportunities of smallholder farmers and migrant returnees focusing on people with disabilities and women in two municipalities.

Specific Objectives

1: Increase productivity in banana farming and piggery business.

2: Strengthen value chain, market linkages, and access to markets.

3: Increase access of the number of target participants to digital Agro-advisory services to support sustainable production and marketing of products.